Professional Video Production Services

We LOVE Story

Consumer demand is ever-changing, but one thing remains constant: audiences love a great story that is told very well. Fortunately, a good story doesn’t need to be limited to books and movies. Your marketing and branding campaigns can engage your target audience with an over-arching online presence that communicates your strategy and brand goals, something that will build rapport among your company, your message, and your customers.

We pride ourselves on getting to know the core of your needs and delivering a video product that produces tangible results for both soft and hard ROI requests. Remember that STORY is at the core of our approach and it allows every video we do to be customized to your company, service or product.

We Listen

Once you have taken the time to research and develop the details about your story the way we do it changes the impact it can have on your audience. It’s our ability to listen to you and your needs that separates us from all the rest.Setla believes in listening to your objectives. Communication is key, and we want to properly communicate with you before the commencement of our services. We believe in thorough research, while providing a comprehensive range of concepts and services to help you best build a specific image for your brand, communicate with your audiences, and build a successful online presence.

We Customize

We work to craft engaging stories that embody the spirit of your business. We will provide public relations messages, content branding, or even image rehabilitation that will tell consumers the story of your business and your goals—guaranteed to engage them, encourage interaction, and spread your brand to a receptive audience. Our team of documentary filmmakers come from a talented background, and apply their diverse and thorough knowledge of the industry to each and every campaign we build.

Are you confident about your online presence? Our team of documentary filmmakers specialize in EMS and fire, health, and medical video production, using some of the industry’s top gear including Arri Amira and Sony F55s to provide only the absolutely best video quality to grow your brand presence, engage your customer base, and reach a large variety of industries.