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One of the biggest motivators for me to get into video production was just how many boring videos I had to sit in front of during my Paramedic training.  While I understand that most of them were created strictly for content, I saw a gaping hole in production value.  I have recently teamed up with a Publishing company called Brady/ Pearson and the San Francisco Paramedic Association to create a hybrid course around the Paramedic Curriculum called “EMPACT”.

What was great about this concept was that as SFPA and Brady were very focused on the content and making sure it met the rigid standards for Continuing Education credit I was able to focus on the production and the presentation of the online hybrid content we were filming.   A lot went into understanding equipment to use, location scouting, etc.

We filmed with 2 Sony EX3’s, 1 Sony PMW320 and all on the PHU120R.  The audio was done with all guests using lavalier mics from either sony or sennheiser.  We used a total of 6 lights for the entire setup and we were in a room no bigger than 20 x 24′.  While I was worried about making sure we got many shots with narrow depth of field and dolly shots with the 2 Kessler Crane Pocket Dollies I had purchased just for this project I was impressed with how the shots came out.

Hats go off to my skeleton crew of Justin Schorr, Judon Cherry and Chris Eldridge who has been with me on almost every project I can think of.  If is good to have people you can rely on and just know how you work!.  This is my dream team and I can’t wait for the next gig with them!