The importance of having a media partner that knows you #CPR360

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CPR360  When ZOLL Medical came to me about coming up with an idea about a campaign for one of their customers that was all I needed to hear.  Within 24 hours I had submitted an idea that was more than just video production, it was more than a single video, it was #CPR360.  Let’s begin with the fact that I have known ZOLL Medical for over 6 years and have been putting many different videos together for them, but nothing that included all the resources I had built over the years including social media branding and exposure.

It was simple… develop a campaign that ZOLL Medical can use to help to give exposure to one of their customers.  Dr. Ben Bobrow of the Arizona State Public Health Department and his program F.I.E.R.C.E. was the catalyst.  I dove into their website to learn more and #CPR360 was born.  You will start seeing content come out on the #CPR360 website that entails both science and personal stories that Dr. Bobrow and his team have been working on since 2004.  This campaign has just launched at the time of this post, but we have seen an explosion of interest already in the program with many more videos to come.