Beyond the Lights & Sirens – Trailer

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Beyond the Lights & Sirens – San Francisco is a reality series that takes the audience through the experience of what it is like to experience EMS on all levels.

Beyond  the  Lights  &  Sirens  -­‐  San  Francisco  takes  you  through  the  lives  of  the  men  and  women  of  the   San   Francisco   Fire   Department   Emergency   Medical   Services   Division;   as   the   battle   the   day-­‐to-­‐day   drama   of   saving   people’s   lives   on   and   off   the   streets.   It   is   dramatic   -­‐   highlights   of   heroism   through   the   human   spirit.   It   is   important   -­‐   informal   education   through   perspective   changing   evidence   on   how  healthcare  is  available  or  not  to  some,  in  the  pre-­‐hospital  setting.  It  is  often  that  ␣␣␣␣␣␣␣␣␣␣␣␣␣␣t   ␣␣␣␣␣␣␣␣␣␣␣␣␣  experiences  show  up,  opening  eyes  to  this  reality.  We  intend  to  share  the  actuality  of   our   world   with   as   many   viewers   as   possible.   While   what   they   see   daily   is   not   the   norm   for   most,   they   do   have   to   decompress   within   their   personal   lives   with   family.   It   is   through   their   chosen   profession   that   the   reality   of   their   lives   and   lifestyles   seem   to   define   them   Beyond   the   Lights   and   Sirens.


22   episodes   x   30/60   minutes   reality   based   journalistic   expose.   Seasoned   paramedics   take   you   beyond   ‘the   fly   on   the   wall’   perspective   to   previously   unseen,   up   close   and   personal   experiences   with  the  men  and  women  who  provide  EMS/Emergency  Medical  Services.  You  will  have  a  firsthand   look  at  the  dilemmas  they  face  each  day  and  they  in  turn  offer  ideas  and  solutions,  which  can  only   be   recognized   through   many   unpredictable   circumstances   and   firsthand   experiences.   Servicing   the   community   city,   state   and   worldwide   is   unpredictable   and   yet   they   stand   ‘shoulder   to   shoulder’   ready  to  face  these  challenges  every  day.


Justin  Schorr  (proposed  lead  host)     Mark  Glencorse  (proposed  international  host)   San  Francisco  EMS  team,  Paula,  Eric,  Lucinda  and  Julie  (proposed)

This   committed   group   of   EMS   paramedics   led   by   Justin   Schorr   BSEMS   Firefighter/   Paramedic   from   San  Francisco  Fire  Department  in  California  team  up  with  the  likes  of  Mark  Glencorse  Paramedic/  RN   from   Newcastle   up   Tyne   in   the   United   Kingdom   and   others.   Together   they   will   discuss   the   differences   and   importance   of   their   systems   and   how   one   procedure   may   work   for   one   country   or   another  may  not.


San  Francisco,  California  -­‐  EMS  Stations,  the  city  streets,  homes  and  its  surrounding  communities.


The   US   is   experiencing   paradigm   changes   in   this   industry   which;   has   not   been   felt   since   the   1970’s   when   TV’s   Emergency   was   the   show   to   watch.   That   first   peak   into   the   lives   of   paramedics   has   now   evolved   into   a   broader   scope.   The   many   misrepresentations   about   the   role   of   EMS   paramedics   in   this   30   to   60   minute   journalistic   expose   can   now   take   you   beyond   the   lights   and   sirens   to   the   lives   and  lifestyles  of  these  men  and  women  who  must  abide  by  the  healthcare  systems,  as  each  call  for   assistance   is   unique   to   its   own   need.   Their   days   do   not   end   at   the   closing   of   their   shift   as   they   decompress  in  their  own  way  to  balancing  the  emotions  set  aside  for  those  who  need  them  on  the   streets   and   those   emotions   set   aside   for   those   who   need   them   at   home.   While   viewers   in   the   US   and   around   the   world   are   building   hope   for   humanity,   this   expose   on   the   chronicles   of   EMS   will   surely   give   reverence   in   how   they   offer   themselves   as   a   way   of   meeting   that   need   to   believe   as   a   whole,  we  are  headed  in  the  right  direction.

Off  Network  Brand  Extensions  

Beyond  The  Lights  &  Sirens  ␣  San  Francisco,  Template  for  other  city  and  statewide  series   Beyond  The  Lights  &  Sirens,  Spinoff:  Chronicles  of  EMS,  Chronicles  of  Fire  Fighters,  etc.   Beyond  the  Lights  &  Sirens,  Emergency  books/  First  Aid  Programs  and  Kits  for  home,

office,  classroom,  car,  recreational  vehicles  (RVs)   Beyond  the  Lights  &  Sirens  ␣  First  Aid  Programs  and  First  Aid  Kits  and  Vehicle  Accident

Supplies  (ie.  Emergency  yellow/orange  vests,  t-­‐shirts,  pylons,  baseball  caps,     water  bottles,  aluminum  blankets,  back  pack  or  duffle  bag  etc)



What  Makes  Us  Different  

Interactive   Component:   An   aspect   of   our   production   that   changes   the   TV/Web   landscape   (via   is   how   we   integrate   social   media   into   all   aspects   of   production.   During   pre-­‐production   and   post   we   keep   our   audience   apprised   of   where   we   are,   what   we   are   experiencing  and  solicit  their  engagement  through  social  networks  like  Facebook  and  Twitter.  As  we   have  seen  recently  through  the  tragedy  in  Japan  Facebook  and  Twitter  were  instrumental  in  saving   people’s   lives.   This   engagement   of   our   audience   often   becomes   part   of   the   actual   episodes   and   helps  to  create  a  bond  between  cast  &  crew  and  audience.      Realistic  Portrayal:  Unlike  typical  Hollywood  productions  that  offer  a  glimpse  into  a  world  that  often   times   is   unrealistically   portrayed   or   false.   With   Beyond   the   Lights   &   Sirens,   we   have   received   support  from  the  Emergency  Medical  Services  industry.  We  received  invitations  from  Chiefs  of  Fire/   EMS   Departments   from   the   following   cities   and   countries   to   come   and   film   their   systems:   King   County   WA,   Los   Angeles   CA,   Richmond   VA,   New   York   NY,   Miami   FL,   San   Antonio   TX,   Oakland   CA,   Alameda  County  CA,  London  England,  Sweden,  Switzerland,  Austria,  Germany,  France,  South  Africa.   Each   of   these   can   be   spun   into   their   own   show;   much   like   Bravo   did   with   ‘Real   Housewives’,   not   just  in  the  US  but  worldwide.

Conference News and Updates

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Over the last several years I have had the opportunity to visit many of the major EMS Conferences.  The chance to meet so many people and learn from some of the most motivated people in the EMS industry has left me just inspired.  You can’t achieve dreams without the help of others and I want to give a shout out to several people that I just flat out love.  their tenacity, their drive and passion for their business makes for a great circle of people to know.

Carissa OBrien, Chris Montera, Greg Friese, Justin Schorr, Mark Glencorse,