Taking video production worldwide – Switzerland

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This project started months ago when I got a call from a great friend and business partner Mark Glencorse.  Many of you remember him coming over to San Francisco from NewCastle over in the UK to have the first of its kind paramedic exchange.  I had the unbelievable opportunity to work with the SFFD and Justin Schorr along with Mark on beginning what is now known today as “Beyond the Lights and Sirens”.

What is even more fascinating for me is that there was a guy that I began working with about a year earlier that has been there from the beginning and his name is Chris Eldridge or “The Dridge” as we affectionately call him.  Now the reason this is all relevant is that Mark began working for a company call BeneChill about 6 months ago and he has been a passionate advocate for its new product the RhinoChill Device.  I have been of course listening from afar, but as a Paramedic I was immediately intrigued as the device effects those of us in the field regarding immediate Therapeutic Hypothermia for the brain.  I couldn’t help but get excited about the opportunity to be involved in this ground breaking device and to share it with the world.  Well the day came and it was decided that Setla Film Productions was going to create a Promotional and in Service video for the company.  The time came to get the crew back together again.

As I began working on storyboards behind the scenes I was also working with The Dridge to make sure we had planned on all the shooting environments we would be encountering.  We spent multiple times on the phone discussing the vision of the project and the gear requirements.  Now this is where i will go Camera Geek on you for this post.  Here is a list of equipment we brought with us to make this shoot work (Video to come shortly)



2 Sony FS100 w/ kens

2 Canon 5D Mark II

1 Canon 7D

2 GoPro’s



1 Canon L Series 16-35mm F2.8

1 Canon L Series 70-200mm F2.8

1 Canon L Series 85mm F1.2


1 Canon L Series 24-105mm F4.0

1 Sony Zeiss 50mm F1.4



2 Senkin Wired Lavalier Mics

2 Sony UWP Wireless Lavs

1 Sennheisser MKE 400

2 Sony Stereo Mics (Came with FS100)


2 Manfrotto Suction Car Mounts

1 Manfrotto 056 Suction Car Mount

1 GoPro Vehicle Mount Kit

1 Go Pro Head Mount Kit

4 Cardellini’s

2 20” Grip Rod/ Grip Head

1 Kessler Pocket Dolly

1 Gitzo tri-stage tripod

1 Libec 450 Tripod


Now for the film geeks out there I will say that a bit more equipment was brought just in case, but this is what was primarily used during the shoot.  Now I have to say that so far in my experience working with companies that don’t necessarily understand what goes into the planning and the pre-production work that goes into making sure the shoot days come together Mathias Duschl from BeneChill was the most efficient and amazing coordinator for this project.  While he had worked in the area which lead to his ability to leverage his relationships to gain access, it was non the less the most cooperative and efficient use of time I have seen on any shoot.  Without his help putting this together our 4 days of shooting would not have come together like they had.

Day 1:  We arrived in Zurich at 12:30pm Zurich time which for those who aren’t familiar with time changes that is 9 hours ahead of PST.  We got settled into our hotel and immediately contacted Mathias about him taking us around to all the sites we would be filming to get acquainted.  Most valuable use of time.  it became clear that a few changes would have to be made and we were able to make those a day ahead of time.

Day 2:  This was the longest day by far and we knew it.  Our plan was to film just about the entire promotional video at 3 locations.  It wasn’t so much that the shots would be extremely hard, but let me share with you a few of the settings.  Most of the shots were in direct sunlight, or in a vehicle in direct sunlight and each location was happening at a different time sow we had to be concerned with continuity during the entire shoot.  We had to coordinate between the fire brigade, ambulance service, physician response car and the hospital all today.  This again could not have happened without Mathias, and the help of The Dridge on the production side of things.

Day 3:  This day was spent picking up a few last shots for the promotional video, but we dived into the in-service video as well.  Whilst (said only for my man Mark Glencorse) we started an hour later this day we still didn’t get finished until about 7pm.  The goal of these videos is to help make the product look authentic in the area it will be sold around and it is only cleared for Europe at this time, so we just had to film where it was accepted.

Day 4:  I met the CEO Alan Raffensperger the night before and first off it is great to see a fellow paramedic turn CEO and be as passionate about what he does.  It is clear he has vision and certainly having a product like this makes it easy to be passionate about saving lives.  Whilst in-service videos are not the most exciting video to create they are necessary when you need to train those who purchase your product.  Alan was great on camera and it was an entertaining day to say the least.  We had US, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland and the UK represented at this session, so it was a truly international experience for us all!

To learn more about the RhinoChill device and the benefits of Therapeutic Hypothermia after sudden cardiac arrest or stroke visit BeneChill.com