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Videos are compelling, visually-pleasing, and a perfect medium for clearly communicating a specific brand message or company mission to a receptive audience. The length and creative capabilities of videos give you the opportunity to properly build out your message to craft something engaging and meaningful. Audiences will be more willing to engage with your brand and hear your message if you present something compelling, engaging, and on message.

Setla takes personal research, your goals, and your brand message into account while we craft your campaign, and plan a direction for your video content. Our corporate video production services are perfect for building your web campaign. We will support you through the conception, creation, and campaigning process. We will plan out strategies and implement them carefully.

Corporate Video Production

How will your strategies serve your company and your brand message in the future? If something is on the internet, it will never truly disappear. Your videos must be engaging and timeless, yet on message and brand-relevant. Setla understands the importance of a carefully-crafted web video, which our production team takes into account with each new project.

Setla takes all into account as we craft your message. Contact us to learn more about our specific services, including corporate video production. Our team is professional, knowledgeable, and constantly improving their knowledge to build excellent products and services. Let our expertise in the latest industry trends and our innovative technology help you build your brand message, and engage with customers all over the web with your videos! Click here to see our production checklist.

We Listen

In order to get the most out of our services we must first listen.  We must understand where you want to go with your content in order to recommend the best video concept.  It is our goal to help your audience identify with your brand, your products in a personal and emotional way.  This takes research and a complete understanding of your industry… that is what we do best!

We Create

We craft engaging stories around your company’s soul.  We provide a full range of video concepts to meet your needs from PR, content branding and image rehabilitation to just telling your customer’s story. Setla Films develops, produces, and distributes high-end, highly interactive campaigns for a variety of industries.  These include Healthcare/ EMS/ Fire Industry, Medical Device Industry, Health Food Industry, Non-Profits and more.

We Support

Ask yourself these questions:  What is your current online presence?  How is this being managed?  How are your strategies integrated into new product launches, new service offerings?  How are you communicating with your audience?  Are you restricted by the FDA or other regulatory departments on what you do online? We offer a range of services to complement your current and future strategies so you can concentrate on being innovative leaders in your industry.