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Thaddeus SetlaDirector of Photography / Producer / Editor

Thaddeus is the Chief Storyteller and creative mind behind Setla Films.  During his time as a paramedic he saw the world at its best and it’s worst. Telling stories was part of the job with every patient. “Within just a few seconds you have to connect with your patient and be empathetic to their situation” he says. He learned that through story he was able to improve patient care through story more than one patient at a time in the back of an ambulance and Setla Films was born. He has been working with companies to develop content libraries from marketing, educational and corporate documentaries to connect the “why” behind the mission. With over two decades of corporate communications and over 12 years working as a Cinematographer his attention to detail, camera motion, lighting and storytelling abilities help clients from Switzerland to San Francisco bring ideas to lens in an meaningful way. Resume

Matthew PriceDirector of Photography / Editor

Matthew Price has teamed up with Setla films with over a decade of experience producing corporate, documentary and commercial work. His passion for photography and client relations skills make him a natural fit for our eccentric team.  He began his career more than 10 years ago working on the spearfishing TV series “Offshore Hunters” on Sunshine Network, then moved into news and finally the corporate world before deciding that “uncorporate” was the way to go.