You can be brand loyal or brand agnostic, not care about the job or be the OT king.  We all at some point will represent a company, a sports team, an area of the world and this could be a positive or negative impression we put off. When was the last time someone praised a product or service and actually researched it?  Or how about learning about a brand because of their steadfast commitment to giving you a different experience?  In terms of consumers we are creatures of our relationships and the feelings we get when connected to certain brands.  When we begin to develop a relationship with someone of an organization we start to feel loyalty, devotion, willingness to look beyond the little things they don’t do for us.

I’ll share an example of someone I met from Sony. I connected with @SonyProUSA on twitter which was run by a guy named Jason Eng. Once Jason Eng was hired as their Social Media Manager I was skeptical.  How could a huge company like Sony do well with connecting with their customers?  Will this only be a 1 way conversation? After multiple conversations it felt more like a personal relationship was forming.  I didn’t believe that even hiring someone that understood social media could break the barriers of old corporate mentality and the connection that needed to be made with the consumers, but he has allowed me to feel connected to an organization in a way no other organization their size has done.  I am now a Sony Ambassador as I own a Sony F55 and blow up twitter and facebook with my productions and images of their product.  Is my being a Sony Ambassador important to Sony? Did Jason Eng change my perception of Sony?  Hell yeah he did and I hope Sony continues to appreciate how he has changed perceptions around the world about their company.

My wife and I are die hard Michigan fans.  Good, bad indifferent we are who we are and the price that comes with loyalty isn’t always easy, but as a brand ambassador you understand what you stand for and don’t have a problem when times get tough.  Does this matter to the University of Michigan how I represent their college?

Where am I going with this you may ask?  I want nothing more than an opportunity to change the world, it may be small, it could be huge, but I have never felt so motivated to change the world in my own way through filmmaking… Being a brand ambassador requires commitment to the cause and for you to understand that when you hire a company like Setla Films we become your Brand Ambassador…. When we take on a project we will scream your name from the roof tops because that is what brand ambassadors do!

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