slateI think the majority of people when they first start thinking about doing a video they think short.  Perhaps it is cost, perhaps it is pretty engrained that today’s attention span is short and they want the most of of the attention they will get.  The question to ask yourself is do you want 8 out of 10 targeted viewers that you know understand your business or product and will see the value or do you want 50 of 100 random viewers that may have no desire to ever purchase your product, but saw the video?  Views doesn’t necessarily equate to ROI, but now lets get back to length.

Length of video depends on just how much message you can pack into a visual.  Are we needing to share with the world why you are in business?  Or are we on a simple mission to demonstrate the use of a product?  While usually shorter is better,  shorter is also harder. Shorter seems riskier because you necessarily have to leave things out and narrow down your message to a very few key ideas. That’s tough to do. As online attention spans continue to shrink, ‘shorter’ should definitely be the target. ‘Shorter’ is a guideline not a rule, however. If you are creating a product demo, a training video or something else for someone much further along the sales cycle – then these audiences may want more information, they may want more detail. The length of your video then really depends on the motivation of your viewer. A good rule of thumb for promotional videos (targeting the ‘awareness’ or’ interest’ phases of the sales cycle) is between one an two minutes in length. Your video needs to be succinct, it needs to include targeted, relevant information and it better be interesting. Answer this question: How long do you need to get to the point of your video?

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