I just got back from Germany on a shoot where we took a Sony F5 and F55.  This project had a bit of latitude in it in that we were able to film with any camera, at any resolution, with any lens and we also knew the editors… us.  So the goal was to take the first day out and walk around the town of Fulda and capture a images that we could take back to the room and begin comparing.  Let me set the tone with what we started with.  Both cameras had the Angenieux 30-80mm Optimo DP.  We set each camera SHOOTING MODE to CineEI and the COLOR SPACE to S-GAMUT3.Cine/SLOG3.  With both cameras using the same lens we were hoping for some extremely similar results.  We chose to use a look profile instead of creating our own 3D LUT to use for focus and we ended up burning the LC709A Profile setting into the image on the SxS Card (since we also knew there wasn’t a lot of money in the budget for color afterwards). We set the waveform on the LCD Viewfinder and we made sure that the 2 zebras were set at 50% and 60%.  We did not expose anything over 65% on the first day, but did find that we could push it to the 70% – 75% mark on occasion with absolutely no problems with the blacks or the highlights.  Here are a few images from each of the cameras and to see them in full 2k just click on them.  You will notice that they are a little dark in these images, but I found that the latitude with the image will give me so many options in post.

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