It is amazing to me that with all the information online about what works and what doesn’t in terms of marketing that companies continue to create videos that are ineffective and have little impact on the bottom line.  I seriously could not have resonated with BRUCE MCDUFFEE any more when he wrote this article. (Content Marketing Institute)

The one mistake companies continue to make when they decide on the creation of content marketing videos is the fact that they focus solely on their company and their product or service.  There is nothing wrong with having a few of those videos out there and in fact you should have a feature/benefit video created to give the information to people who are looking for it, but 60-70% of the content you create should include content about your customers, the success stories of others and the impact they have had for their communities.  Be that brand ambassador for your customers and see just how much further your content reaches. Just in summary…

  • Stop pitching your products.
  • Stop trying to be clever by masquerading a product promotion as a helpful piece of content.
  • Start giving away your expertise in the form of free education or interesting information — without promoting your product.
  • Start making a clear distinction between content that is meant to clearly define your offering and content that is meant to engage your audience by providing them with useful education or entertainment


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