Video Marketing, what it takes to do it right

It is no secret that video plays such a huge part in today’s online strategy, but here is an average call I would get

me “Setla Films, this is Ted how may I help you?”

Potential client “I am looking to have a promotional video created that I can place on my website to drive people to my service”

me “Ok, how many videos have you done before?”

Potential client “None so far, this will be the one”

me “Ok, do you blog, or have other consistent pieces of content that your audience will see?”

Potential client “No, not at the moment”

me “Ok, well there are two pieces of content creation that I am a big proponent of, the content itself and the calendar. If you aren’t putting consistent content out there for your audience, then your competitor is and you may get some views and recognition, but unless you are able to get pretty crazy with this video you may just have a one hit wonder”

Ok, this is close to how it usually goes, but the point is that there are a lot of steps to making a video successful and it starts with your company’s soul.  A good production checklist can be found here to guide you through this process a little easier, but don’t forget in the end you will be judged on ROI of your efforts, don’t forget to have a plan to measure and benchmark your campaign.  This may be to drive discussion on a topic or as basic as number of views.  

An impressive list of “What is takes to get it right” was written up here by RealSEO.


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