In crisis communications PR firms pride themselves on their reputation of providing this image rehabilitation service or assisting your audience in seeing the true soul of your company, but let’s be honest if they don’t have years of experience with your audience or your industry a one size fits all approach doesn’t instill confidence.

PR AgenciesI have been witness to many healthcare companies paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to PR agencies around the world to counter bad press or to drive a message of employee satisfaction with the company. What amazes me isn’t the amount of money that changes hands it is the decision making process to vet out those agencies and to make sure they understand your audience. As I create campaign after campaign for organizations looking for more than just video I see an opportunity for content to be architected around the company’s communications strategy.  While video is an extremely important part of the whole strategy the goal is to integrate very compelling video into the entire story telling eco-system.

My question for you now is the next time you want to create a video ask yourself… How can the producer of my video help guide me through understanding the whole picture?  Do they have a complete understanding of my audience, who they are, where they are online? Can they help get my video out? What extra value do they bring to the table? Don’t limit your production to just a video, there is way more out there to have a successful experience with video production.

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